Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Handgun-control Measure Fails in N.J.

"The push to make New Jersey the fourth state with a one-handgun-per-month buying limit has stalled in the state Senate in the face of opposition from rural Democrats and a wall of Republicans...State Sens. Jennifer Beck (R., Monmouth) and Bill Baroni (R., Mercer), who supported the measure when it passed the Assembly in 2007, said they could not back the bill now because a June U.S. Supreme Court ruling reaffirming a constitutional right to own handguns might render the plan unenforceable." [link]

You know, I had to read that bit several times myself. On first reading I was thrilled that there were some people that stood up for 2nd amendment rights, but upon further reading that is not what we have at all. We have instead the usual political rangling. It would have been much better had it read '"and those that opposed the bill did so on Constitutional grounds based on the 2nd Amendment."