Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Reality, Nearly Ninety Percent of Mexican Cartel Weapons DON'T Come From U.S.

"It has been widely reported that 90 percent of the weapons used in the Mexican drug cartel wars come from America. As it turns out, that statistic is simply incorrect. According to the figures obtained from ICE and ATF officials by Fox News, only about 17 percent of the weapons recovered from cartel-related crime scenes in Mexico actually originate in the United States." [link]

Imagine that, we have been lied to by the media. Can anyone figure out why the media would lie to us? For the past several weeks this has been a big news story, the media telling us how many guns from America are pouring across the border and into the hands of drug cartels. Wonder if/when the news outlets will issue a retraction and say "We're sorry we goofed, our numbers were incorrect." It really is not that hard to do, I have had to do it when I made a mistake. Why don't they?