Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pittsburgh Shootings

"Three Pittsburgh police officers killed by gun-loving maniac; afraid Obama would limit gun rights...

A gun-loving lunatic who was afraid President Obama would ban firearms killed three Pittsburgh cops Saturday in a blizzard of bullets, police and witnesses said."

"The implications here are clear: gun owners, and those who believe in the right to keep and bear arms are maniacs and lunatics, all to be judged based on the actions that took place here.

This story is still developing. You can click here for updates." [link]

Does anyone not need to start asking the question, what is causing this rampage of shootings? Were there this many acts of massive violence when Bush was in office? Let me make it clear very quick, that I am in no way supporting Bush's presidency, he was just one in a long line of Constitution Shredders. However he was a bit more friendly to gun owners than Clinton was.

Dare I mention that it is possible that there might be something to furthering the gun-grabbers agenda involved in all of these sudden acts of violence. Maybe we should do well to remember the words of Obama's chief of staff: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," --Rahm Emanuel.

We Need to Keep an Eye on This

"Guatemala - After several months of debate, the Guatemalan Congress approved the Weapon and Ammunition Control Law, considered essential to reduce violence.

The regulation reduces to one the four licenses previously granted to each citizen to buy armaments, and they are able now to buy three weapons instead of 12, as previously established.

It also stipulated several requirements before granting the permit, including a clean criminal record and passing psychological assessment, income certification and proof of employment." [link]

Anyone willing to make odd what the outcome will be in the long run?

What About These Deadly Weapons

If the media likes to portray firearms as evil and how much they must be strictly regulated how about we also go after these horrible weapons of destruction.

"The reason for the assault, cops say, was a poorly made meatball sandwich. Specifically, the cheese placement was all wrong, which infuriated Toppin. "That was the catalyst," police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said."

Maybe we could even look into strict regulation of who can and can't make meatball sandwiches.

In Reality, Nearly Ninety Percent of Mexican Cartel Weapons DON'T Come From U.S.

"It has been widely reported that 90 percent of the weapons used in the Mexican drug cartel wars come from America. As it turns out, that statistic is simply incorrect. According to the figures obtained from ICE and ATF officials by Fox News, only about 17 percent of the weapons recovered from cartel-related crime scenes in Mexico actually originate in the United States." [link]

Imagine that, we have been lied to by the media. Can anyone figure out why the media would lie to us? For the past several weeks this has been a big news story, the media telling us how many guns from America are pouring across the border and into the hands of drug cartels. Wonder if/when the news outlets will issue a retraction and say "We're sorry we goofed, our numbers were incorrect." It really is not that hard to do, I have had to do it when I made a mistake. Why don't they?

Quote for the Day

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." -- Thomas Jefferson

Government Overseen Preventive Gunownership?

By now nearly everyone has heard of the plan to have all physicians, hospitals, clinics, etc... place all of their patients medical files into a central database so they can be "easily accessed by other providers". If we lived in a perfect world there would be no problem with this, it would allow quick access between doctors to a persons medical records, which could streamline a lot of processes. The main critics of this plan point out that the government itself would be the entity that would provide the "central hub" for all computerized medical records, thus allowing the government access to your own private medical records.

Now we have this coming up, "An influential government-appointed medical panel is urging doctors to routinely screen all American teens for depression -- a bold step that acknowledges that nearly 2 million teens are affected by this debilitating condition." [link]

What some of you may be aware of and some of you may not be aware of is the NICS Improvement Act of 2007 more commonly known as the Veterans Disarmament Act. What it does is allows for the barring of firearms ownership to anyone who is "adjudicated as a mental defective."... by a government psychologist or psychiatrist in the VA, Medicare, or the IDEA program. However, that would all change with the Veterans Disarmament Act, as it will CODIFY regulations that BATFE has issued." [link]

In other words the Law muddies the language quite a bit and leaves a lot to be interpreted. So it could be possible that all of these teenagers that may be screened for depression (a mental disorder), could later in life be barred from owning a firearm.

I know all of this is pure conjecture at this point, but would anything surprise you with the United States Government at this point. Look at all of the things that are going on and the liberties being taken from us now that our parents or grandparents would have laughed at 50 years ago. They would have said there is no way that will happen in America.