Monday, April 27, 2009

Quote for the Day

"The lesson of history, and it's an important one, is that bureaucrats and political administrations left unchecked will eventually trample the rights of everyone. By virtue of what they are, they place a lower value on civil rights than their own self-interest. As they can become the downfall of any nation, it would be wise to learn from history." -- Kevin Avram

Guess They Missed This One, Or Where Was This Government Memo

"An end-of-year college block party spiraled out of control as police fired pellets and used pepper spray to break up hundreds of rioting students who sparked a string of street fires at Kent State University.

Video posted on the Internet shows students hurling furniture and street signs into the flames on Saturday night as a SWAT team in riot gear converged on the crowd. Kent police said the party grew violent after one reveler was arrested and students began pelting officers with bottles, bricks and rocks." [link]

In the age of the government memo's that is labeling everyone they can name as an extremist, where was the memo on this. This type of behavior is extremist and not just spur of the moment. Why didn't the government know about the extremism here.