Friday, August 7, 2009

Quote for the Day

"There are many things the government can't do, many good purposes it must renounce. It must leave them to the enterprise of others. It cannot feed the people. It cannot enrich the people. It cannot teach the people. It cannot convert the people." --Lord Acton

Guns ALLOWED in School!

"The superintendent of the isolated Harrold Independent School District, about 30 miles northwest of here, made history last August when he and his school board decided to allow select teachers and staff members at the 110-student school to carry guns on campus..."

When a London reporter asked Thweatt to explain why so many kooks go into schools looking for a body count, Thweatt said he couldn’t explain such a devolution of society, but he did know a simple way to stop it — the same solution he chose for Harrold ISD.

“Good guys with guns — good,” he said. “Bad guys with guns — bad.” [link]

Hallelujah! Logic wins and...surprise, not one single "wild west, blood in the streets" style shooting, or any other shooting, or even a brandishing of a weapon has taken place. I can't speak for the students and/or teachers that attend/work there, but I bet there is a feeling of security that is missing in a vast majority of school district or individual schools across the nation.