Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why Don't We Kick 'Em in the Head

Overall, this piece of trash probably deserved a kick in the head, but at this time and under these circumstances? Read the rest from today's GRE column.

Quote for the Day

"I have never wished anyone dead, but I have read many an obituary with great joy"--Winston Churchill

Wonder How Much Taxpayer's Will Have to Pay for This Mistake?

Vice President Joe Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, may have finally outdone himself, divulging potentially classified information meant to save the life of a sitting vice president.

"...Biden "said a young naval officer giving him a tour of the residence showed him the hideaway, which is behind a massive steel door secured by an elaborate lock with a narrow connecting hallway lined with shelves filled with communications equipment." [link]

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, guess we have to find a new hidey whole for the idiot in waiting. Wonder how much this will cost taxpayers. If it weren't for Pelosi being two heartbeats away from the president I would suggest a public lynching for this moron!

An Example of How to Handle Them

"Republicans kept the pressure up on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday, with Republican House leader John Boehner saying she should prove her allegation that the CIA lied about waterboarding, or apologize to the nation's intelligence officials.

"I think that she ought to either present the evidence or apologize, one or the other," Boehner (R-Ohio) said..." [link]

They're sort of like puppies. You have to catch them in the act, put their nose in it, then swat their tells.