Monday, August 3, 2009

Quote for the Day

"Good intentions will always be pleaded for any assumption of power. The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." — Thomas Jefferson

Almost Funny (Notice the Dates and Times of Headlines)

Obama priorities won't burden middle class: Summers

Sun Aug 2, 2009 11:06am EDT [link]

Obama officials eye more jobless aid, weigh taxes

Sun Aug 2, 2009 5:36pm EDT [link]

Obama officials: Taxes may rise to pay health care

August 3, 2009 - 7:35am [link]

Talk about a complete reversal in headlines and statements by the Obama administration. Funny that an administration that can't get its acts and lies together within a 24 hour time frame wants to take over health care for all.

More Lies and Theft (SHOUT THEM DOWN)

"President Obama may have to break his campaign pledge and raise taxes on middle-class Americans to pay for public health care and the growing deficit, an eventuality that administration officials touched lightly on Sunday as they promoted an economy emerging from recession.

With an expected deficit next year of $1.8 trillion, and spending still being planned for a $1 trillion, 10-year health care reform, officials say something will have to be done to prevent further erosion of the economy." [link]

Did anyone really think that with the massive government spending he could keep a promise to not raise taxes? I am sure that there were millions that actually believed this? For some reason there seem to be millions of people in this country that believe you can get something for nothing. Wait a minute, in this country you actually can. You don't have to work, the government will take care of you. Just go down to the food stamp and welfare office. Don't mind that you really can work you're just too lazy to. That is your "right" not to work. Remember it is a free country after all.

First and foremost this is a relatively "easy" problem to fix. Men and women are doing it across the nation as we speak. As times get tougher, you quit spending as much as you used to (SHOCKER). The average American understands this and most do so without having to be told to. But the government has yet to understand this very simple concept.

Secondly something has to be done about the perceived "rights of entitlement". I have spoken briefly about this before, and have briefly discussed a fix for this as well in that short piece.

Lastly the government (elected officials) truly need to understand their place and their true duty. It is not that hard to pick up a small pocket Constitution, read it and understand it in roughly an hours time. In fact just to give an example of how much the government has overstepped its bounds do this small experiment. Go to a local bookstore and find a small pocket Constitution that includes the text of the Declaration of Independence. Two documents that our country was founded upon and set out how and what a government is allowed and is not allowed to do to the people. Now take that pocket Constitution and set it next to a recent copy of the U.S. tax code...enough said.

How do we put these elected officials in their place. SHOUT THEM DOWN! Go to your local fiscal court meetings, your congresscritters "town hall forums" and take along a copy of the Declaration and the Constitution. When they say anything contradictory to or in direct violation of the Constitution SHOUT THEM DOWN! Let them know that enough is enough. Demand they show you in the Constitution what clause gives them the authority to take your hard earned money. Demand they show you the clause that gives them the authority to make sweeping changes via procedural measures instead of voting on bills. SHOUT THEM DOWN! When they are looking after their own best interests and not the best interests of freedom and liberty. SHOUT THEM DOWN! When they refuse to listen to you, because in all reality we are their bosses not the other way around. They are put there to serve us and to protect the Constitution.