Saturday, January 24, 2009

Straight From the Whitehouse: I Will Infringe on the Rights of Gunowners

"Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade."[link]

OH, MY! We can not allow local law enforcement to be uninformed about vital information dealing with ongoing criminal investigations can we?

But wait lets dig into this a bit deeper...a few snippets if you will
  • Releasing the information serves no useful purpose.
  • Traced guns aren’t always “crime guns”; firearms may be traced for reasons unrelated to any armed crime.
  • Trace information remains available for law enforcement use.[Wait a minute I thought this was one of their reasons for wanting to repeal, that law enforcement did not have access?]
  • Both BATFE and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) oppose release of trace data.
  • Even the current language has allowed too many disclosures of sensitive information.

Sounds to me like the only thing gained from repealing this would be to further his (Obama) anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

Link here for an article and more sources on this subject.