Monday, February 9, 2009

B.C. police, politicians struggle to react to gang-related shootings

"On Friday afternoon, two gunmen pumped multiple rounds from what RCMP say were prohibited firearms into a pickup truck outside a suburban Langley mall's supermarket as shoppers were getting their weekend groceries."[link]

Let's take a moment to ponder the bold print and underlined statement.... Ok, so your telling me that these two criminals had possession of a prohibited firearm. OH MY! What about the children!? Oh wait, isn't criminal by definition someone who breaks the law? And doesn't Canada have relatively strict gun control? And this gun control does not prevent criminals from getting guns?

Maybe instead of some of the b*llshit laws that are being passed to curb individual rights, we as citizens should push for a law that makes it mandatory for all elected officials to show proficiency in logic. Then they might be able to put together than criminals don't care if it is illegal to own (insert your favorite Brady Campaign wish list of weapons to be banned here), they will get it anyway.

If just passing a law kept it from happening then it would have already, but it didn't.