Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Gun Grabber Silliness

"Toure Muhammad, communications director for Rep. Rush, says while the Blair Holt bill would set up a system for tracking guns, it would not an infringement of Second Amendment rights. He explains, "This is not an attempt to ban guns. It is not intended in any way to impede the constitutional right to own or carry a gun. Instead, it would simply set up a system for registration of the type guns specified in the bill," Muhammad continues. "It would provide a way for police to track a gun that is used illegally back to its owner. It would be similar to the system we have for registering and titling automobiles." [link]

Couple of points here, don't you like the way the 2nd Amendment, which is a right, is now compared to automobile registration and titling. Also what will more than likely be tried is the classic bait and switch. This bill will get plenty of coverage, but won't go anywhere, instead a "milder" legislation will be written as a sort of compromise. Now is the time to be eternally vigilant.