Friday, February 13, 2009

Tennessee: Memphis News Site Publishes Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit Holder List

Got this info from felt it was too important to include a snippet of the story then a remark so here is the piece in its entirety with links included.

A Memphis based online news website,, has posted Tennessee’s right to carry permit holder list online! apparently feels that the “public’s right to know” outweighs your right to privacy. Their irresponsible decision to publish this list has made it easier for criminals to target law-abiding gun owners.

Shockingly when the list was first published, it even included permit holders home address! However, bowing to criticism, removed the address but still included a permit holder’s full name, birth date, city, zip code, and the issue and expiration date of their permit.

To view this list, please click here.

Let’s keep the pressure on to have this list removed completely by contacting IMMEDIATELY, as well as its President and Publisher, Joseph Pepe. can be reached at (901) 529-2345 or 1-800-444-6397.

Joseph Pepe, President and Publisher, 901-529-2205

via email by clicking here

Also, contact your State Legislators TODAY and respectfully urge them to support concealed carry permit holder confidentiality legislation. To find contact information for your State Legislators, please click here.