Monday, March 9, 2009

Amendment On Guns Divides Residents

"The D.C. vote bill has divided residents of a city that voices an age-old grievance in a slogan at the bottom of automobile license plates: "Taxation Without Representation." At the moment, a Senate bill that would grant that vote contains an amendment that would strip the city of much of its power to regulate firearms. Should the city give up its gun control authority for a meaningful voice in Congress? ...with the amendment that would do away with D.C. gun control law and severely limit the city's authority to pass new firearms restrictions..." [link] (entirety of text is exact, all I did was bold certain words)

Notice all the words in bold? Don't they just jump out now and grab your attention? You need to learn how to strip away the BS from 95% of what you see, hear, and read, and you will eventually come to understand the truth of it all. The government is all about power, regulations, control, restrictions, and authority. There is no longer any "We the People" anymore!

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