Saturday, March 7, 2009

Democrats Have Not Taken Gun Control Off the Table

"So, Associated Press writer Jim Abrams ("Democrats Show Little Appetite for Gun Gontrol [sic]," News Chief, March 4) thinks we have nothing to fear from Obama-Pelosi-Reid on the gun-control front? Is he that stupid, or does he think we're that stupid? A look at the White House's own Web site reveals this.

"As media-proclaimed constitutional law professor (actually, just a lecturer) Obama should know that the Second Amendment isn't about hunting or target shooting. It's about balance of power. The operative word in "gun control" is "control." Shortly after the election, an Obama spokesperson made reference to "ruling," not "governing." It's difficult to rule when the people are armed. Ask Adolph Hitler or Joe Stalin." [link]

You just gotta love it when someone comes out and says it point blank. There are starting to become more and more that are saying this daily and not just on gun rights issues. Keep your eyes open for ever more encroaching restrictions in all areas. Won't it be fun when the government gets access to your medical records? Wonder how much Teddy "Pour me another one" Kennedy would enjoy things right now if we had nationalized health care? Oh, but I forget, he is one of the elite that the rules don't apply to.