Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family Farms Are Losers In The Stimulus Pork Barrel

"...resident Obama's stimulus bill will be, on balance, a series of disincentives for family farms to run the risks of aggressive farming, because the stimulus bill unfavorably raises the risk / reward ratio...Moreover, farm families work long, hard hours all year long to build and to preserve their farms for future generations of their families. Reinstatement of punitive death taxes, as proposed in the President's budget, is a meaningful disincentive to all that hard work." [link]

Does it amaze you as much as it does me that the administration wants to hand certain people things (welfare type benefits) hand over fist, yet people that produce on their own, and for others keep getting penalized? What type of logic is this? If anyone can explain please do, I just cannot manage to get my head around this idea. I speak from experience on this as well. I grew up and still live in a small rural community and my family owned and ran a small farm. The government effectively punishes anyone who does this to try and make the least profit or supplement their income in any way by these means.


John von Cannon said...

At what point are we no longer able to sustain ourselves when small farmers "give it up" for other careers? As to why this administration wants to do this? They are socialist by nature and believe in spreading mine and your wealth to those who refuse to work hard! They are the entitled choosen ones!

"Bill Hicks" said...

Stalin did the same thing, nationalized food supply, banking, and transportation. You give the government control of just those three things and those that would stand up against government have neither the means (money), the way (transportation), or the energy (food) to fight tyranny.