Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed a Trend?

It is always a tragedy when a human life is lost regardless of how it happens. It is even more tragic when the end comes in an outburst of violence.

Usually after reading something like this you can just about guarantee something about how we need more gun control in order to make our streets safe and protect our children. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this post will not go that way. What I have noticed recently, and would like to find out if anyone else has noticed? Is if it is just me or are there more shootings going on now? Or is the media focusing more on the shootings that are taking place to help strengthen Obama's agenda on promoting the gun ban?

I am sure sociologist could attribute some of the violence to the state of the economy. But how much more coverage are these shootings getting national attention in the media now than they were just several months ago? If the media is bringing attention to these things now that there is an anti-gunner in the White House then you can add another unethical notch to their belt.

For me I am sort of enjoying watching a lot of these huge "liberal" newspapers fall, I just hope congress doesn't decide to use my money to try and stabilize them, but I am sure they will there is already talk about a "newspaper bailout".

I guess that is about enough ranting for today.