Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keyboard and Monitor Ruiners

Pelosi Denies She's Partisan
"There seems to be a market for saying that I am very partisan...That simply is not true," Pelosi said." [link]
At this point, isn't this about like saying Obama doesn't lie?

Microsoft Gets Stimulus Money
"The software giant, which is sitting on $20bn in cash, was awarded $11m to help construct a highway overpass connecting two parts of its Redmond, Washington campus." [link]
This one makes excellent sense to me as well. I guess everyone but your average American gets a piece of the stimulus.

Treasury pressure leads to AIG scaling back bonuses[link]
Isn't it wonderful how companies that were/are going under use taxpayer money to get as much as they can before they shut down?

Mexican drug lord makes Forbes' billionaire list [link]

Explain to me one more time how the "War on Drugs" is working, and I should be overjoyed to share my hard earned money via taxes to help fund it?

That should about do it for today. I have to find a towel to clean my monitor and keyboard now.