Monday, March 30, 2009

More Keyboard and Monitor Ruiners

For some reason these always make me laugh. Even though they should in reality be making me cry and storm about in a rage. But oh well, some humor is definitely needed at times.

"Geithner: Government is the Answer to Solve Financial Crisis" [link] Yeah, yeah, we know. The government is the answer to all of life's ills.

"Obama to Dole More Government Aid to GM, Chrysler" [link] Is it me, or haven't we done this already?

"Obama to Sign Lands Bill Before 5 Days of Comment" [link] Surprise, surprise another lie. And an absolutely hilarious quote from the same story: "In most cases, we have posted legislation with five days' notice."

"Al Gore Leaves The Light On For Ya (Gore Residence Lit Up For "Earth Hour")" [link]

"U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy" [link]

Well, that's about all the laughs I can handle for a little bit. I hope all of you enjoy these headlines and the links to the stories. And remember, this is actual news not parody.