Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Lies and Less Freedom

"Next, he made it clear that laying the groundwork for a strong economy down the road won't be free. Want to kick fossil fuels for a green future? How about reforming how we pay for health care, so we can get more for our dollars and reduce the ranks of the uninsured? Want to keep Medicare solvent? Get a bigger federal contribution for our schools? Repair and maintain roads, bridges, airports and mass transit? Build a modern energy grid?...And we can't just continue to borrow and spend and pass the bill to our kids...But by putting his ideas into budgetary black-and-white, Obama has challenged taxpayers to make realistic choices about what they want from government..." [link]

I would like to comment on a few things in this piece. First let's look at the first underlined part. He is correct there, what the Obama administration want's to do definitely won't be free. In fact it limits all kinds of freedom of choice. If I want to drive a vehicle that gets 2 MPG that is my business. Why the focus on mass transit? What the hell is it with mass transit and these people? There is not one single mass transit system in America that makes a profit, check for yourself.

I also particularly like the part about how we can't borrow and spend. What in the hell do you call the $787 billion dollar leviathan that was just signed into law?

Lastly, I will tell you exactly what I want from my government. To leave me the hell alone unless I infringe on the rights of others.


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