Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Sad Day in Hew Hampshire

"To be sure, these legislators will forever be tagged with the fact that they have essentially violated their oath of office, which they took, and which states they will uphold the NH Constitution...In the past, taxpayers in NH have been witness to statements such as this one from Rep. Sandra Keans formerly a Republican and now and Democrat, where she asserts that it ‘isn’t her job’ to uphold the Constitution." [link]

Yep, Sovereignty was voted down along party lines in NH. Although there was nothing in the bill whatsoever that went against anything either in the U.S. or the NH constitution. In other words, those that voted for this reaffirmed what was already in both the NH and U.S. constitutions and those that voted against it effectively voted against what was in the U.S. and NH constitutions. Let that sink in for a little bit, and it will let you know what we are up against as we attempt to regain our lost liberty's and freedom's.

Especially make sure you listen to the link for Rep. Sandra Keans.


Colleen said...

I completely agree with your is my blog:

We all need to get our voices heard and get things back to the way they should be!!!