Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Answer Lies in History

I have been following with careful attention the issue of piracy in Somalia and many other areas of the world recently. I was very interested in seeing how the Obama administration would handle this whole issue, and am sorry to see they have handled it like everything else, sorry. For a man that quoted the founding fathers during his train ride to the inauguration he had only to look at one of our founding fathers for a remedy to this piracy situation. Back when the nation was young, Thomas Jefferson faced a similar situation. However then as opposed to now the pirates Jefferson had to deal with were much better armed than the United States. Jefferson dealt swiftly with the pirates of the Barbary Coast, and sent a clear message that American ships would be left alone.


Anonymous said...

Jefferson didn't run to the UN or the international communtee. He send in the Marines to kill those who terrorized our flagged ships.

Obama,on the other hand, is sitting on his ass trying to find the right words to negotiate with those who are trying to kill us.

Thing is,there are no right words, for words are meaningless to those who lack reason. Therfore,you have but one other option, the use of force,for this is the only thing they understand.

Sadly, just like Jimmy Carter in 1979,he will not take such actions out of fear of perception of the international community.