Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More About Democrats and Their Fear of Guns

"ORANGE PARK – Got Guns?

That’s what a Clay County Republican Party flier promoting a "2nd Amendment Day" in April asks all who pick it up.

County GOP Chairman Leslie Dougher says the party is reacting to growing concerns among its members that President Barack Obama may try to limit gun ownership, particularly handguns.

Not everyone thinks the idea of increasing gun ownership is a good idea. Any effort to put more guns on the street is wrong headed, says the head of the Clay County Democratic Party.

"There are too many guns," said Thomas Nazworth, Democratic Party chairman. "You’ve already got every right to defend yourself in your home. What is this going to be the wild, wild west where everybody has got sidearms? That is not answer." [link]

Haven't they tried the "wild west" argument in the past? Didn't really pan out for them though did it, considering there is usually a drop in violent crime in states that pass concealed carry laws. I do agree that is not a good idea to put "more guns on the street", they may get run over, you could mar the finish, scratch the wood, put them in contact with corrosive road flotsam and jetsam, etc...

Also, isn't it funny that a lot of gun owners are labeled as "bitter clingers". Yet Democrats have been "bitterly clinging" to this "wild west" argument for years.