Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Hoplophobia

Hoplophobia: A term coined by Jeff Cooper to describe someone who has an irrational fear of firearms.

"An apparent organized flexing of Second Amendment rights last weekend was a bit too Wild West for some local citizens and business owners.

Police and deputies responded to a number of complaints about citizens packing sidearms at restaurants, stores and other public areas.

None of the gun carriers was cited." [link]

Notice once again the gun-grabber use of the "Wild West" fallacy. It is interesting to note that several people were approached by the police in several different areas, and guess what? Not one of them was a criminal or doing anything against the law. Even more surprising was not one of these law abiding gun owners later that day turned criminal and hurt anyone with their firearm. A bit later in the article we get this wonderful bit of "wisdom":

"Stellingworth and Undersheriff Thomas Finco said that citizens who exercise the right to carry guns openly should realize it alarms the public and police."

You know what, it doesn't matter! It alarms gun owners when others try to infringe on our rights. It alarms Americans when we hear report after report of police officers acting like criminals (see all these reports by David Codrea). It alarms the public when we, as American citizens are labeled as potential terrorists (MIAC, DHS Report, Virginia Police Report).

Certain people need to understand those that support personal responsibility, the United States Constitution, freedom, and liberty, are rarely those that you need to be afraid of, or alarmed about. If you want to know who to be alarmed about try turning on the T.V. and see what Congress is up to, pick up a newspaper and see what your elected officials are doing. Leave those of us that mind our own business and live our lives as we see fit alone.


Anonymous said...

I too hate the Wild West analogy by the anti-gunners. Since during the wild west days,there was far more gun control them than there is now.