Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama Legal Team Wants to Limit Defendents Rights

"The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overrule long-standing law that stops police from initiating questions unless a defendant's lawyer is present, another stark example of the White House seeking to limit rather than expand rights.

The Justice Department, in a brief signed by Solicitor General Elena Kagan, said the 1986 decision "serves no real purpose" and offers only "meager benefits." The government said defendants who don't wish to talk to police don't have to and that officers must respect that decision. But it said there is no reason a defendant who wants to should not be able to respond to officers' questions." [link]

That's nice let's just kick off a bigger Police State Party. Let us not forget some of the wonderful insights into how much the "Only Ones" will actually respect a decision of someone not to talk and other travesties they will attempt to pull off because they feel they can hide behind a shield.


Anonymous said...

And along with the First,Second,Fourth Amendments, the Fifth Amendment has found its way to the Obama shredder.