Saturday, April 25, 2009

Someone is Full of It!

"...Barack Obama unveiled new steps on Saturday to restore U.S. fiscal discipline..."

I laughed until it hurt after reading this sentence, then I finished reading the sentence and it really hurt:
"...including support for legislation that would require Congress to pay for any new programs by raising taxes or cutting other expenditures..." [link] Now do you really think Congress is going to stop spending money? .... What is gonna happen to your paycheck now?

"Earlier this week I held my first Cabinet meeting and sent a clear message: cut what doesn't work," --Barack Obama [link]

Keep in mind Obama "demanded" a $100 million cut by his cabinet. Don't worry with the fact that this amount was only roughly one-twentieth of 1 percent of March's federal deficit [source]

I only have this to say to you Chairman Obama, go take a flying leap you sociofascist/Marxist, commie loving, freedom hating, community organizing, spend other's money, blame someone else, keep your change, piece of ...!