Friday, May 1, 2009

Good News, to an Extent

"For the first time in a Pew Research survey, nearly as many people believe it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns (45%) than to control gun ownership (49%). As recently as a year ago, 58% said it was more important to control gun ownership while 37% said it was more important to protect the right to own guns." [link]

Well, things are moving in the right direction. But what people need to realize is that it would not matter if it were 3% for protecting gun rights (and we Threepers know who we are), we live in what is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy (despite what the media, the left, and public education "teaches"). Which means mob rule cannot take away the rights of others by force, legislation, fraud, etc... And this goes for all rights, all the time, regardless. I personally detest what some people say, write, promote, etc... but that is their right to do so, and if anyone tried to take that right from them I would stand up for it just as staunchly as I would for the 2nd Amendment.

I have posted before that Liberty is a bitter pill even for those of us that promote it to the utmost of our ability.