Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If the Shoe Were on the Other Foot

It happened once already. That is how the Democrats gained control of Congress. However after all the corruption that was brought to light in the Republican party let us now take a look at issues going on in the Democratic party:

"Barack Obama, who vowed he'd provide a transparent administration staffed with disinterested public servants...appointed an admitted tax cheat to run the Treasury Department -- and he's hardly the only one in the administration." [link]

Charles Rangle, Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee: Under investigation for failing to report income from his Caribbean villa.

Chris Dodd, Chairman of Senate Banking Committee: Got special deals from sub prime lender Countrywide, has yet to explain million plus dollar "cottage" in Ireland which could possibly have come as a favor for helping to get a pardon granted for a felon under Clinton.

Jack Murtha, Rep. Pennsylvania: How much federal money has he diverted to cronies and lobbyists?

John Edwards, ex-presidential candidate: Being investigated for misuse of campaign funds that were funneled to his then mistress and her company.

This is just a sampling of what is going on within the Democratic party. Imagine all the corruption that has not made it into the public yet. Sort of like an iceberg I like to think we have only seen the 10% that is above the waterline.