Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Other" Side

I have been very critical of the left in Washington since I started this blog and I am sure that quite a few people think that I am a hard line Conservative/Republican. However had I started this blog during the Bush years more than likely I would have been labeled as a hard line Liberal/Democrat. The reason for this is I would have just as loudly spoken out about the corruption and demolition of rights that took place under Bush. So in dubious honor to B43 I offer you a small sampling of the liberties stripped from the American people via the un-"Patriot Act":

Let's start with that pesky 4th Amendment, you know, the one about unreasonable search and seizure. Well the un-"Patriot Act" pretty much states that, the government may search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.

That 6th Amendment really causes a lot of problems how can that be fixed via the un-"Patriot Act"? Answer: How about by monitoring conversations between attorneys and clients in federal prisons and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes, and also, Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them. US citizens (labeled "unlawful combatants") have been held incommunicado and refused attorneys.

And lastly how can the government subvert the ever deadly and dangerous 1st Amendment? Answer: The government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation they may also monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity.

You may find a full text of the Act here. It might also be interesting to note specifically Section 802 (B) i and ii which specifically states the definition of a domestic terrorist. I believe that by this definition both Bush and Obama would classify, along with a vast number of the members of Congress. Because when the economy started to head south, they both started with the doom and gloom projections and what would happen if the people did not "allow" the administration to act quickly.