Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Cart: "...Obama will announce Wednesday morning that House Democrats have pledged to pass a health care reform bill by July 31 -- a vow the White House believes will advance its goal of seeing health care legislation signed into law by year's end."

Horse: "The announcement will not describe the contents of the health care bill -- leaving key questions about funding, coverage and access for another day." [link]

Usually when people set out to solve a problem they will start looking at options available rather than to say here is our end result we will get you the details of how we solved it as soon as we figure that out.

Before they attempt to hash out the details let's look at some things that might work. How about doctors competing for patients via pricing? How many of you with insurance go to see a doctor and leave the office without having a clue what your bill is or what you are billed for? Some billing specialist usually bills your insurance (and boy do they bill them), and it might be months before you get a finalized bill for the remainder yourself.

What we don't need to do is set back and let congress and the administration do as they please. As we can see that approach has worked so well for Medicare and Social Security. Do you want your health care handled by the same people that have made those two programs "shining examples" of government achievement?


Anonymous said...

Agreed,but more over is who else is involved,like GE and Intel,who both get no-bid contracts from this.

The left wing media screamed about Haliburton,but not a peep about this.

"Bill Hicks" said...

I have no clue but you can guarantee there won't be any money saved, at least not in the long run.

Unfortunately the government gave up securing and protecting rights long ago. Anymore it is about who can profit the most from legislation.