Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scary Proposal

"The law would regulate the storage, possession and sale of ammunition and require dealers to record each ammo sale and the caliber, make and model of the firearm for which the ammo purchase was made. Initially, the law had required the serial number of the firearm, but Steck removed that requirement from the legislation...

“I don’t think it’s an issue of gun control advocates versus gun enthusiasts,” the lawmaker added. “I’ve campaigned for public office many times. I’ve met many people who are gun owners in New York, and I’ve never encountered a one who feels oppressed by the existing gun control laws of New York..." [link]

It's not just gun control, it is just control. The more they go after rights the more obvious it becomes. Also would anyone like to make odds that the bold statement is a complete lie?


Kent McManigal said...

That parasite has probably never met anyone who feels oppressed by his state's draconian gun "laws" because they are smart and stay far away from him; knowing that parasites such as himself will not listen to logic and reason no matter how carefully explained. Plus, disagreeing with these vermin gets a gun owner put on "the list".

I am oppressed by the gun "laws" of Texas and the US. All such "laws" are illegal, immoral, and stupid.