Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taxpayer Money "Well Spent"!

“It’s a pretty good-looking group of citizens,” he said. “We didn’t expect any gangsters.”

Detective Bill Flannery, busy identifying the guns collected in Canoga Park, said he was surprised by “the number of guns that little old ladies are bringing in.” [link]

Did they really expect anything different? "Gangsters" realize they must use the gun as a means of intimidation.

Even one of their own replied they did not expect any "gangsters" to turn in guns. Aren't you glad that in the midst of this recession your tax dollars can be spent on things that help the community you live in? I sure am!


Son3 said...

What a racket!

Northwest Minuteman said...

great blog!! Another one you might enjoy:

"Bill Hicks" said...

Thanks, Northwest Minuteman! Glad you enjoy what is up and hope you continue to enjoy what I get time to do in the future.