Monday, May 4, 2009

We'll Take It Any Way We Can!

"...Obama announced Monday a plan to prevent U.S. companies using offshore banks to deferr tax payments, saying that the effort to "shelter" money creates an unfair advantage to U.S. companies and amounts to evasion." [link]

Take a moment and think about that for just a moment. First off there are provisions in place that allow companies and individuals to keep more of the money that they make due to their work and industry. Boy would be a shame to allow them to keep all of their hard earned money wouldn't it? In effect Obama is saying it does not matter where you keep it, we are coming after it, with force!

Also notice the quip about "unfair" advantages to U.S. companies. HELLO! As president of the United States shouldn't you want U.S. companies to get ahead? Or is this another sneak peak at your true intentions?

Explain how it is unfair when most other nations have provisions in place to allow income from outside the country to be sheltered from taxation? Wake up America, this man and his administration are going to run the country straight into the ground!