Thursday, June 4, 2009

Educator or Racial Profiler

"...It [the form] asks teachers to break down behavioral problems with students based on their race. Moore-Hamilton is black. The student body of the school, PS 96, is more than 60 percent Hispanic.

Some parents claim the principal has also taken pictures of students when she feels they're misbehaving and threatens to send the pictures to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein or Mayor Bloomberg.

Parents held an emergency meeting at PS 96 with Department of Education officials Tuesday afternoon to discuss the matter. The DOE issued a statement saying in part, "The survey was inappropriate." [link]

Public education, isn't it wonderful that government has control over this institution. I grew up under the impression that teachers and educators were supposed to do just that, teach and educate! Live and learn, and you will see that educating and teaching are at about the bottom of their list.