Saturday, June 6, 2009

On Liberty

Liberty, as myself and many others much wiser than myself have said, is not free, is not easy, and is not always comfortable. With true liberty comes great responsibility and the realization that you are ultimately responsible for you!

For some reason in this day and age this is not longer thought of as something to seek and acquire. No longer something that is held in high esteem and respect. But is rather looked on as being a rather radical, extremist view.

There are many factors that I feel are the cause of this and should allow me many posts in the future to discuss this issue. Today however I want to take a look at two types of people, those that love true liberty, and those that don't.

For those that love liberty they want to be left alone, they believe in pursuing whatever interest, job, hobby, path, etc... life takes them on. More often than not they are very self reliant, ingenious about devising ways to get the most out of what is available to them, and can make a dollar go a very long way. They are also usually very kind hearted and true humanitarians, give back to their community and do charitable work quite frequently. (This is just a general observation I have noticed from those that I know and have contact with).

In opposition to them are those that want someone else to have a majority control in their lives. It is never their fault that they maxed out their credit cards, overspend on their budget, didn't get that job promotion, or didn't get hired for that better job. They look at life bitterly, as though just because they are born in America they deserve something automatically. They usually seek to impose a system that tries to make everyone "equal" by taking from those that do well to make sure those that don't have something, regardless of why those that don't are that way (they don't care if it is due to lack of motivation, laziness, etc...). (Once again a general observation).

That will wrap up my brief discussion on liberty today. Look for more in the future.


Son3 said...

My sentiments exactly.

I do look forward to reading more.