Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Graphic Representation of My Favorite Quote

As many of you who read this blog know I have a favorite quote and it is by the late Colonel Jeff Cooper. I just ran across a story that shows an excellent example of the philosophy of this quote in action. I hope you all enjoy the stories and pictures as much as I did.

"Fight back! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back!"--Col. Jeff Cooper

A knife-wielding burglar had a shock when he attacked a pensioner in his home - and discovered his victim was a retired boxer.

Senior citizen Frank Corti, 72, a former junior boxing champion is still a bit handy with his dukes.

And when he spotted the aforementioned intruder, Gregory McCalium, in his hallway he sprang into action and delivered two right hooks. [link]

On the left you see a before photo of the criminal and on the right you see a photo after his run in with Mr. Corti.