Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of Touch With Reality

"I thought this was like a frequent-flier program," Sen. Kent Conrad, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said of the special benefits. "I thought nothing of it." [link]

Let us just assume for a moment that Congressman Conrad speaks the truth. These words would have been spoken right in the middle of the housing bubble burst. How often does he think people go out an buy new homes. Quite a bit evidently if he makes comments like that above. And he is supposed to represent the people of his state with a warped sense of reality like that?

Now lets assume that he lied. He knew he was getting the good deal because of his clout as a senator and there was a little quid-pro-quo going on. Then he either acted illegally and/or unethically and does not deserve to represent the good people of North Dakota.