Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Wonder...

"...I've never been to one where a politician addressed people by a number and not their name. And yet that is exactly what Specter did. People had to take a number if they wanted to ask a question. When their turn was up, he called out the number instead of recognizing them by name...In Pennsylvania alone, the average resident pays more than $10,000 each year in federal, state and local taxes combined, according to the Tax Foundation. What are taxpayers getting for their investment in return? If they were in Lebanon this past week, it would have earned them the privilege of being recognized by their senator as a number, instead of their name." [link]

Yet these same politicians act shocked, and mortified when they are greeted with anything other than with fawning admiration and open checkbooks and wallets. When you can't treat your fellow man with respect and dignity, what do you expect in return?


Son3 said...

"I am not a NUMBER, I am a MAN!" ~Patrick McGoohan, from "The Prisoner".

Whenever McGoohan's character was called "Number Six" by his captors, he would say that.

Just a phrase that came to mind.