Friday, January 16, 2009

Shocker: There Is No Correlation Between Tougher Gun Control And Reduced Crime

According to a comparison of the FBI’s violent crime statistics and the Brady Campaign for Gun Control’s rankings of gun control laws in the various states there is absolutely no indication that stricter gun control laws do anything except restrict the gun rights of law-abiding citizens: [full article]

Best I can put this is "NO CRAP!"

The Weapons Ban Has Worked Well All These Years

"Did going unarmed “work well” for unarmed hikers Mary Cooper, 56, and her daughter, Susanna Stodden, 27, whose bodies were found, shot in the head, alongside the Pinnacle Lake Trail in the Mount Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, east of Everett, Wash., by a hiker on July 11, 2006?"[read full article]

I know, I am a week late on this. But I am still quicker than the government is on understanding and following it's limits as defined in the United States Constitution.

Concealed weapons could prevent the next Mumbai

"All mass shootings in the U.S. have been by disturbed, possibly delusional
people, with little or no firearm training..."[full article]

Well now, you have to be kidding me? I thought they were all socially well adapted, law abiding, peace loving citizens. Who wanted nothing more than the collective good of all of society.

"Repeated experience has shown that the only effective defense against an armed
incursion is intervention by people on site carrying concealed weapons. The
police cannot get there in time to intervene, and the open carry of weapons
marks the guardian as the terrorist’s first target. "

This makes perfect, logical, sense to me. Are there only a limited number of us that have the mental power to see this for ourselves.

They Will Never Learn

I have given up hope long ago that very few if any members of Congress understand what is going on in America. It is also evident that they forget they work for "we the people", but that is blatantly obvious every single day. The only logical conclusion that can be made is a vast majority of Congressional representatives are either criminally insane and/or are only there to line their own pockets.

In the midst of a recession that is effecting nearly every single hardworking American we are now subjected to this drivel that continues to spew forth from DC. I am sorry Rep(rehensible) Waxman, but you cannot legislate how companies are to run while yet taxing, and regulating them into bankruptcy. Your plan calls for "...limiting greenhouse gases, calling for an 80 percent emission reduction by mid-century with half of that coming by 2030. It calls for a ramp up of 20 percent reduction as within a dozen years." Yet I did not notice where you called for abolishing their taxes so they could get this started in their R&D departments.

This type of thinking has worked so well in the past, remember when you forced American car makers to follow mandatory government regulations on fuel economy, mandatory government regulations on hybrid vehicles, mandatory regulations on... I could go on, but you all never learn so what is the point. Other than a massive bailout of the auto industry which was in large part caused by Congress trying to legislate how things should be done instead of letting the market do that itself.

So now you are going to force more companies and industries into more regulations, and thus into another vicious cycle. However, this time it will effect every single American. Because this time you are going after the industries that produce electricity, and I do not know of very many Americans that do not rely on electricity in some form or fashion on an almost daily basis, even though it ""...will not be cheap and not be easy," warned James Rogers, chairman of Duke Energy Corp."

What "we the people" now get to look forward to along with crippling taxation at every level, soon to be staggering inflation due to fiat money being used for "the Bailout", and any number of other issues that will be/have been caused by Congress, will now be energy costs that skyrocket due to more mandatory regulations.

Soon there will be no more blood left to drain. Then where will Congress turn?

Quote for the Day

"Democrats are not the problem. Republicans and Libertarians are the problem. Republicans without the intellectual stamina to become Libertarians, and Libertarians without the physical courage to become Riflemen."--Boston T. Party from Boston's Gun Bible