Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quote for the Day

"A civil society is weakened when there is one standard of justice for private companies and individuals, and another for well-connected people in government." -- Richard W. Rahn

Support For Gun Control at All Time Low

Not exactly the numbers I would like to see, but at least the trend is heading downward. Go to the link and see the rest of the report. [link]

Simple Truth About Concealed Carry

"More guns in the hands of honest people makes society safer, and makes the career choice of the criminal more dangerous. That is obvious to everyone ...except for certain people who wish to do things to you which you would not allow if you were able to effectively resist. Carrying weapons concealed gives the good guy a tactical advantage over the bad guy. If the bad guys are unsure who may be carrying, they are less likely to act. They can't watch everyone all the time." [link]

Very well stated and simply put. There is more of this excellent article, just follow the link.

Just Downright Despicable

Despicable! I was truly horrified by the way this was done and the malicious intent behind it. Do what you will with it. If I discuss it anymore my head might pop off.