Thursday, April 30, 2009

Already Looking for a Scapegoat?

"As he starts his second 100 days as president, Barack Obama must yield much of his agenda's fate to Congress.

In his news conference Wednesday night, Obama acknowledged the prod-and-wait role he now plays on many issues." [link]

Yeah, right, like Obama and his pit bull Emmanual have taken prod-and-wait approach to anything that has happened yet. Think maybe the Obama lapdogs (MSM) and Obama realize things are really ugly out there, and they had better start looking for someone to blame other than the Lighbringer?

Our Tax Dollars at Work

"Talks between the Treasury Department and lenders aimed at keeping Chrysler LLC out of bankruptcy broke down late Wednesday, making it all but certain that the car maker will file for Chapter 11 protection Thursday..." [link]

Let me get this straight, taxpayers pump billions into this corporation (not willfully mind you, but forced by the government both the Bush and Obama administration) being told it is the only way to save it, and it still tanks? Aren't you glad the government is here to help us?