Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quote for the Day

"There is no virtue in slavery, and the only time you should turn the other cheek is to facilitate using your non-dominate eye in acquiring a sight-picture." -- Jim Smith

Things That Happen When Liberty is Not Present

An Iranian couple who lost their only son amid violent protests in Tehran say they were told they would have to pay $3,000 to recover his body -- a "bullet fee," they were told, to cover the cost of the bullet that killed him...[link] I think even the Pentagon gets better deals than this on its small arms ammunition.

Iran's violent crackdown against demonstrators in Tehran is only the latest exploit from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps that has helped the country earn its U.S.-designated label as the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. [link] I am about as certain as anyone that "voting" was handled in a fair manner. Don't you think so?

Iranian authorities have told four players on the nation's soccer team to turn in their cleats after they wore green wristbands in a show of solidarity with the country's opposition leader, the Guardian reported, citing opposition newspapers in Iran. [link] So much for being able to express your opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

Now just stop to think a moment...Iran was never a "free" country. How much harder would some of these hardships be to a people that had at least had some freedom in their daily lives. Now is the time to start standing up for our own freedoms, demand enforcement and adherence to the Constitution, and to truly start holding our elected officials responsible.