Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quote for the Day

"Arguing that the words of the Constitution have no fixed meaning is tantamount to arguing that we have no Constitution; a Constitution serves no purpose if the branches of government it is supposed to limit can define their own powers." --W. James Antle III

"Your Papers, Please!"

Sadly we may not really be that far off from hearing something like this. Often much derided and maligned in American society was the way other nations treated their citizens in relations to identification. Now the time might be upon us, where we have to do the same.

Read full story here: "Your Paper, Please!"

Liberals: Are They Above the Law?

"A cancer-stricken Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has written a poignant letter to Massachusetts leaders asking that they change state law to allow a speedy replacement of him in Congress...The letter acknowledges the state changed its succession law in 2004 to require a special election within five months to fill any vacancy. At the time, legislative Democrats -- with a wide majority in both chambers -- were concerned because then-Republican Gov. Mitt Romney had the power to directly fill any vacancy created as Democratic Sen. John Kerry ran for president." [link]

It would seem that when there might have been a chance someone other than an ultra-lib progressive could have taken a seat long held by Kennedy the Dem's used their might to effectively keep Romney from appointing anyone. Now that a Dem is in the governors seat there is now concern for a speedy replacement? The hypocrisy on the left truly knows no bounds.

Don't misunderstand me, Republicans have done the same types of things before and it is wrong on either side and very hypocritical. Our public servants need to quit focusing so much on power grabbing and more on representing the people they are supposed to be helping.