Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He Cannot Keep From Telling Lies!

"...Barack Obama plans to sign a massive spending bill to keep the federal government running, even though it is stashed with the very kinds of pet projects that the campaigning Obama promised to resist. Obama could sign the $410 billion spending package as early as Wednesday, although he remains "troubled" by the so-called earmarks in the bill that Republicans and moderate Democrats have assailed as unworthy pork-barrel spending. The president planned to use the signing ceremony to announce earmark reforms." [link]

Is this man so incapable of telling the truth? We all know that politicians lie and tell us warm fuzzy things to get elected, but the amount of brazen lies, half truths, and untruths oozing forth from the White House absolutely amazes me. Let's take a quick look back at some lies that have been told to us shall we? Lest we forget his campaign promises let's look at a short speech where he lays out quite a few promises. Ok, now that we have pre-White House promises simply laid out let's look at how he has done. How about limiting pork, and earmarks? What about in the massive stimulus, anything porky in it? At what point does it end and when do "We the People" say ENOUGH!


American Genie said...

I said "enough" several times before the criminal punk in chief was elected by the kool aid drinking masses.

The man has admitted he was a British citizen at birth in "Dreams from My Father", at his own website, & at

I ask, how can someone with foreign citizenship at birth be a "natural born" citizen.

God bless America!