Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How can a city that bans handguns lead the nation in murders?

"You cannot legally buy a handgun in Chicago, the nation’s most murderous city. You can own one, but only if you’ve owned it since before 1982 and you register it every year with the Chicago Police Department. Gun-control advocates and gun-rights advocates don’t – or can’t – agree on how a city with a handgun ban can lead the nation in murders. To proponents of owning guns it means the ban doesn’t work. “Laws are only for law-abiding citizens anyway,” said John Riggio, owner of Chuck’s Gun Shop and Pistol Range in Riverdale. “Criminals by definition don’t follow the law.” To proponents of regulating guns it means the ban isn’t big enough." [link]

As for the phrase in bold, to any and all that think this way I say to you: "Idiots one and all!" It cannot be summed up simpler. It does not matter what "laws" are in place criminals will break them. If congress passed a law tomorrow outlawing sex due to it causing births and in the long run a strain on the environment due to increased trash, would you remain celibate the rest of your life? Sounds idiotic doesn't it? So does gun control on the basis of it lowering crime. Point out one valid study that supports this premise... Didn't think so, now shut the hell up! There are plenty of us tired of this idiocy! And will not put up with it anymore!

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